Virgo monthly tarot card reading for january 2020

Your August Horoscope, Revealed Cancer: quite difficult period for you with Jupiter and Saturn in opposition to the ascendant. All this means that your professional life can be complicated but above all your body will be quite weak and you have to be alert to any diseases that should not be overlooked. Leo: the second part of the year is much better than the first months when the situation is quite complex in the job with difficulty in living a collaboration with a colleague.

Even the love industry is not very interesting and news as well as meetings are very rare. Virgo: beautiful configuration especially as regards the financial and professional sector and also with regard to love. Stability and maturation in your life with various projects that can be achieved easily and with great confidence in the future. From June a slight physical decline. Libra: your love life is difficult but also the work may have to face an extremely complicated period. You must try to live calmly every situation that comes in trying to avoid unnecessary mistakes and spend money because Jupiter and Saturn are not excellent and can even create small health complications.

Scorpio: during this year we must carefully evaluate the work and the proposals that come that could be very good and make you evolve also at an economic level with excellent income. If you are not determined and do not improve your sentimental situation after June you will be forced to suffer. Sagittarius: during this phase of your life money can be very important but also work can bring satisfactions. Try not to think too much about money because they will come thanks to work and rather dedicated time to the person you love that you must not neglect.

Capricorn: this period is exceptional for you and this astrological configuration is one of the best to achieve great professional, economic and sentimental successes. Your life is about to improve and your health is clearly improving along with a love life that also includes weddings. Aquarius: unfortunately the period is not excellent for you especially as regards the first part of the year while from June new creativity, new energies can bring successes.

Uncompromising love and you want to be free from any problem. Pisces: excellent configuration also here that allows you to live a very satisfying year under the professional profile and to live a very interesting year also as regards love with new adventures or with projects that you decide to carry on with the person you love.

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Chinese horoscope for today and tomorrow. Maya horoscope for today and tomorrow. Celtic horoscope for today and tomorrow. Maya horoscope for year. Chinese horoscope for year. Celtic horoscope for year. The affinity game for couples. Discover your sex life through the name. Keep a tab of your finances, as you might face difficult situations that ask for much financial spending on your part. Through the year, cultivate a habit to spend just for your needs and not for your desires. This would indirectly increase your savings for future.


There might be financial incurrence owing to the needs of family and friends. Spend within your means. Be realistic. The first half of the year would help you to increase your earnings. And the second half favors investments of sorts. The year would see Virgo personalities in good health and cheer as their personal and professional lives would be quite better.

Natives would be highly energetic and would be able to give more of their efforts. Your lifestyle improves a lot. But then make sure that much work does not weigh you down. Some of you guys are likely to have issues related to the digestive and nervous system, hence be cautious in these areas.

The planets aid in increasing your general metabolic levels. Stay fit through the year, progress in your fitness regimen though. Virgo people would be able to reve up their family life to a new high this year.

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Look for what is most essential in life. Take opportunities that give importance to family ties and values. Spend quality time with family, as the coming years would not be much favorable for the same. The planets favor an optimistic tone in this area all through the year. You would become more responsible and responsive to the needs of family. However stay away from anxieties and worries that might bother your spirits. Do not let others interfere with your personal freedom though.

Virgo 2020 Forecast~ Your Must Have Year Ahead ~

Do not let your sympathetic nature bring about discord in family. Let privacy prevail in your family life. For the year ahead, Virgos are advised to stay on course. You are right on track, spread your wings and start flying. Your wishes come true. Do not be too picky or analytical for the period. January is quite a favourable time for Virgo guys as most of the planets are in a benefic position for the natives. None of the planets are in your sign and are away from yours and in a strategic position. Hence this would be a perfect time to forge co-operative or joint deals in personal and professional fields.

Life would be more organized these days for Virgo people.

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You would realize that happiness comes not by yourself alone but the goodness from others around too. For Virgo people, during February, the planets, Mercury, Venus and Uranus would be in opposition deg to their sign. And this combination would be in square 0 deg with Jupiter. Hence totally unexpected events happen in life.

Be calm and poised and take things that come in their own stride. If you are going to be head-on, then you would be the loser. At ime when you ought to protect yourself and your repute and image in general. This month also brings out the sensual nature in you, but do not over-indulge or go out of bounds.

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Avoid mistakes and problems all this month. The planets are favourably placed for Virgo people in March Particularly Sun and Mercury are placed in such a way they improve your personality and knowledge base. This is a good time for social acts and to make new acquaintances. Also you may utilize this period to pursue academic interests. Give reverence to your elders and teachers who help you in this.

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Keep calm for the period. April starts on a good note for Virgo natives in the sense the planets Uranus and Mercury are in conjunction 0 deg. And this combination is in square 90 deg with Jupiter. This planetary influence increases your knowledge base and makes you quite quick and fast. However the second half of the month, you might lose steam, hence be prepared to handle the same. All this period you are destined to organize things in a streamlined manner.

You got the energy, but you ought to channel it properly. Do not get too excited. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India.

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Your strategic approach and courage would help you to achieve your professional ambitions through the year ahead. You are very at home with the world of emotions and feelings this cycle is presenting. Your dreams are calling out to you this year, ample. Saturn and Jupiter will remain in your first house at the beginning of the year, which is favourable. Your life in 3D: culture, style, romance, money, real estate and so much more!. Horoscopes October Virgo horoscope in is pretty good in career; however, other aspects are not smooth for Virgo.

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